Delivering confidence and comfort through the assurance process and risk management.

Knowing expectations of donors, NPO and NGO organizations

In-depth understanding of various donors’ expectations and high level financial and operational risk management.

Donors and funding agencies require a high level of assurance that their funds have been used for the agreed purposes in accordance with program goals.  We have audited numerous projects and donor funded organizations or secretariats in Serbia and the countries of our interest. We understand what various donors expect in respect to the comfort of funds spending and their terms of references.

When implementing partner needs assistance with tax and accounting matters or internal controls, our professionals react quickly and proactively to remediate and eliminate any tax or regulatory risks which could create uncertainty.

Our experience and expertise in donors' mandates has been earned through hard and comprehensive work over an extended period of time with almost all donators in Serbia and the region.  

We can support donators, implementing partners and NPOs/NGOs with:

  • Donor-specific audits and other forms of combined assurance
  • Remediation of fraud, waste and abuse
  • Financial controls and cash management
  • Cross-border and country-specific issues
  • Guidance on donor-related matters
  • Compliance metrics and non-compliance remediation
  • Donor mandates and efficient fund utilization
  • Selected or comprehensive services of Accounting, Tax, Internal Audit and/or Audit


The outcomes of our service solutions assure adaptable high level risk management and audit views and thus lead to continued donors’ confidence.