Real estate is a numbers game; show up and prospect, and rewards are yours.

Knowing Real Estate & Development

Insightful and strategic financial and tax guidance for real estate.

In real estate and construction, the stakes are always high. Global and local economies can begin and end a business or project at a stroke, while tax errors can take substantially from earnings. Operating successfully means dealing with financing institutions, rising costs, competition, changing regulations and labour issues on a daily basis.

In order to successfully invest in real estate, you need the support of an experienced real estate financial and tax expert who is in harmony with the end goal.  We are at clients’ side through all stages of real estate project – from the land purchase, choosing optimal financing, constructing, ongoing project or rental management – through to the sale of the properties.

We are notably experienced in financial modeling – to analyze a property from the perspective of an equity investor or lender in the property, and to determine whether or not the equity or debt investor should invest, based on the risks and potential returns.

Private investors, real estate developers, as well as private foundations benefit from our experts’ comprehensive know-how and years of deep industry experience.

We can support national and multinational real estate businesses and projects with:


The outcomes of our service solutions lead to the end goal and new opportunity – on the wings of financial security and compliance effectiveness.