Methodology is applied ideology and intuition reconstructed in harmony.

We stand behind our methodology.

How are we making things possible?

We ensure that our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. This philosophy is what drives our approach to creating an optimized experience – which we continue enhancing through consumer research and being open and honest with our clients and people about the things we need to improve on and many more efforts that are conducted within the firm.

We partner with clients as a long-term collaborator because we are committed to attracting and developing a distinct workforce of professionals that share the same value system of collaboration and business principles which put clients' interests ahead of the firm’s. Their ability to connect with people on a professional and personal level allows for a dynamic partnership that beckons a secure future for our clients.

Through unique service delivery approach, based on concepts of systems and positive thinking, and by teaming together with our clients, we can see beyond the surface of changes and problems organizations face in this fast-changing world – discovering opportunities others might miss and delivering proven value for money service in the countries of our interest.

Our approach is a great complexity presented simply through the interactive display that follows.


Flexible model of providing high-quality tailor-made services through a close business relationship by applying systems and positive thinking to ensure sustainability and success to our clients locally and internationally.



The concept of systems thinking was created by Professor Jay W. Forrester at the Sloan School of Management at MIT University in 1956. We use it as a process of understanding how different competences of our firm affect each other within a whole of clients’ organizational needs for sustainability and success.

Systems thinking is an approach to integration that is based on the belief that our competences will act differently when isolated from the system environment or other competences. It is especially effective in planning and managing complex engagements or problematic situations. This puts aspects of holism, flexibility, and accountability at the forefront – which are the key to success in our service delivery.


From one office, one person or team provides services or coordinates projects in multiple countries. We save clients’ time and reduce their costs by efficiently and effectively communicating from their convenient location and with familiar experts.


Positive thinking is an attitude that focuses on the good and expects results that will benefit both – our clients and us. It is about anticipating success, progress, and contentment – essentially, training our experts to adopt an abundance mindset and cultivate gratitude for success of clients and us. This mindset maximizes the performance of our services, fosters courage for complex projects and benefits close working relationship with our clients.


We believe that relationships matter. The ability to collaborate and build effective working partnerships is the key to both – the success of our service delivery and sustained success of our clients. Close working relationships preserve the reputation of the business. Business partnering with our clients is the only way in which our advisory functions have sought to extend their effectiveness and build close collaborative working relationships. For us and our clients this means that we know each other well, we care about each other and we rely on each other.


Our audit competence has experience in many industries. The combination of proven audit techniques, tools, and the wealth of information that we have gained from two decades of performing various audits, enables us to put in place a business-based audit approach that focuses on the important issues and provides constructive and practical solutions whether auditors are engaged as auditors or advisors.


Our experts from accounting competence analyze the status quo of organizations’ accounting structures and processes together with client executives and then propose actions and measures that will pave the way for client’s success. This is how we create an efficient accounting function – which is essential for competitiveness.  We take care of clients’ accounting in our online accounting system, or as in-house solution in their accounting software – depending on client’s specific needs. Our experts handle accounting, payroll, and operations quickly and efficiently in line with the latest accounting, tax, legal, and technical developments, and if necessary – synchronized with group reporting standards.


Our tax competence aims for optimality, trust, and certainty. We are focusing on providing advice with probable tax savings while also aiming effective tax compliance and managing tax risks associated with national or cross border business transactions.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting competence has proven record in aligning people, processes, and technology to drive effectiveness and productivity. We enable change and drive sustainable growth while creating value for the entire organization. Our results driven methodology provides organizations the framework to grow market share, improve customer satisfaction, increases leadership skills, retain talent, enhance business productivity, and accelerate speed to market.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance competence is focused on maximizing shareholder value through long and short-term financial planning and the implementation of various financial techniques. We address clients’ current financial challenges and explore opportunities for continuous growth. We deliver innovative solutions and establish an advanced finance function as a strategic business partner. By monitoring financial health, forecasting, and creating budgets, providing financial insights and guidance for business decisions, our experts add significant and tangible value to the business growth of our clients. In addition to providing access to accurate and reliable financial information, which is a key prerequisite for making strategic decisions quickly and effectively, we also offer CFO on demand to assist clients with their financial and development goals.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit competence addresses the multitude of risks companies face. Managing risk, monitoring controls, enhancing security, and improving corporate governance are core of the advisory side of our internal audit services.  We design procedures and ensure their operational efficiency. Our fraud and forensic specialists help clients assess their fraud risks and implement solutions to better manage these risks and preserve capital value.

Human Capital

Our human capital competence is primarily engaged in finding and developing professionals for accounting and finance functions. However, we can provide access to a deep pool of specialized talent from our portfolio of partnerships and strong network of various professionals in supply chain, marketing, digitalization, technology, and top-notch experiences in many industries. Custom-built team of specialists and support professionals addresses skill gaps and fits specific project needs. The integration of accounting, finance, consulting, operations, and technology delivers results in an effective and cost-efficient manner, addressing complex situations in the shortest possible time.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting competence is focused on aligning applied technologies and processes with clients' business strategy. Key areas our IT experts in digital business transformation include process optimization through technologies, product digitization and finding new business models to bring in new customers, improving key decision-making processes, and managing operational efficiency. Our experience shows that technologies are only part of the changes, and it turns out to be the easiest. Our team, made up of experts in technology, accounting, business consulting and internal audit, helps clients and in working with them sets technologies as an important link in creating value and profit.


We are constantly striving to anticipate the changing needs of our clients and develop new services that will meet those needs. Our innovation goes beyond technology – it is about smart thinking and developing solutions tailored to our clients.

Special Unit Team

Depending on the needs of the project, a specially designed team can perform functions related to the various expertise required in the most complex and critical situations, without switching from sector to sector or from person to person. Teams are put together according to specific needs, ensuring the best value for money solutions and highest level of quality, adaptability, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Our service approach is driven by the following six rules:


We bring the best of the firm’s regional insights, practice experience and industry knowledge to our clients. We assemble and integrate the best teams to deliver the highest-quality assurance, accounting, tax and consultancy work in any country of our interest as one firm.


We apply our regional and through DFK International – global knowledge to address our clients' needs. In an increasingly interconnected world, clients look to us to combine an international perspective with local insight to help resolve various business challenges as strategic partner focused on the big picture.


We always give our clients a clear and business focused point of view and the complete solution.


We are agile, inventive and determined to navigate our clients through today's complex business environment. We take full responsibility to use approaches that may not be obvious to find the best possible solutions.


We put our clients first and we are always responsive to their needs, priorities and pressures. We understand their perspective and act with care about their concerns as much as they do.


We take the time to understand our clients' immediate and long-term issues. We anticipate change and think ahead, putting their interests ahead of ours.