The quality of service is not what provider invested, but what the client gets from it – this is the recipe for service success.

Knowing Professional Services & Outsourcing Business

The value chain of services is a game we know well.

Professional service firms face many of the same challenges as other businesses, complicated by the additional obligations required by own particular regulatory environment and clients’ specific needs.

Demand for professional services continues to grow as companies turn to outside providers for expertise, tools, methodologies, and on-demand talent to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment and focus on their core competencies.

We understand the challenges of professional services and outsourcing because we’ve lived them. Professional service firms are being excessively focused on putting clients ahead of own firm – just like we do – and own books are left behind, results are not monitored on time and tax structure is not optimized. 

As business owners and service providers in our own firms, we know what it takes to run successful and profitable service business. We have a long history of working with professional services providers, including engineering firms, architects, consultants, design specialists and legal firms as well as with service entities of international groups, designed for service outsourcing to mother companies and related parties.

Taking account of their commercial drivers of service business, as well as the individual requirements of firms’ partners, our accounting and tax experts are perfectly positioned to help service business thrive.

We can support professional service and outsourcing businesses with:


The outcomes of our service solutions allow our professional service clients to focus on what they do best  deliver high quality service to their clients  while we assure them accurate financial portrait, optimal tax position and process improvement.